A Love for Travelling (with Kids)

Back in 2013, my husband, Andrew, and I travelled around Europe for 3 months. Our firstborn son was a souvenir from that trip. Shortly after finding out that we were pregnant, although we were ecstatically happy, I remember feeling a wave of sadness at the fact that our holidaying adventures (at least for the short-term) would be coming to an end.

Family was our focus and surely holidays didn’t fit in with that plan… Well, that’s what I thought. After we decided to ‘give it a go’ when our eldest was 11 months old, we haven’t looked back! Now with two energetic boys, Liam (5) and Nathan (1), we continue to take the opportunity to travel where and when we can.

Don’t get me wrong, travelling with kids can be hard work! But, the benefits sure do outweigh the challenges; and the memories that we have created together as a family will last a lifetime. 

Unfortunately, we are not full time travellers. I am currently on extended maternity leave from teaching (I have been teaching primary students for 10+ years). Andrew is a transport manager for a large warehousing/logistics company. We work hard and save where we can. We prioritise travel and ‘experiences’ over fancy toys and material belongings.

By no means are we anywhere near ticking off every destination off our family bucket list, but slowly and surely we will get there.

Now that your found my ever expanding website, keep checking back as you might be able to find something useful when planning your next family holiday – to make it just that little bit easier!

Buon Voyage!