Welcome toΒ Living and Loving Life! I’m Diana… but my friends call me Dee, for short… so you can too!

This website is a labour of love and a reflection of me! I have establishedΒ Living and Loving Life as a small business venture to share with you products, recipes and ideas that I am passionate about. It’s all about inspired living, happy kids and a healthy home!

You will find a selection of products that I have personally created, designed and/or assembled myself, such as the busy bags. The sourced products that I stock including Attipas, Petit Bamboo, Cheeky Chompers and Baby Shusher have been 100% tried and tested by me (and my bubbas)! I genuinely believe that they are high quality, practical and value for money products that I am happy and enthusiatic to recommend to other parents. I absolutely love them and I hope that you wil, too!

You can also connect with me on theΒ Living and Loving Life Facebook and Instagram pages, to keep in touch and be the first to find out about new products, recipe ideas and special promotions!

Thanks again for stopping by! I hope you’re ‘living and loving life’, just like I am!

Dee x