Cooking Up a Storm!

In three words or less I would describe myself as a ‘passionate home cook’. The kitchen is my happy place. When I am not cooking, I am often thinking about what I am going to be cooking. I tend to skip most aisles in the supermarket. I prefer to cook from scratch in an effort to avoid all the additives, preservatives and other nasties that lurk in the readily available processed food options. I have two highly energetic, always-hungry boys (5 and 1); and feeding them wholesome, nutritious and delicious food is the foundation of my food philosophy. Getting them involved in the action is important, as well.


About 10 years ago, I entered a recipe writing competition for KRAFT Tasty Cheese. Guess what? I won! The prize? The recipe featured in a booklet add-on, on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine and wait for it… $10k!

Fast forward 10 years… A few months ago I entered a #cookthebox challenge, through a local community business, Field to Feast, Sydney: Living Good Health. It involved cooking their #bargainbox (a weekly-evolving, mixed box of organic and spray-free, locally-sourced produce). Guess what? I won! The prize? Another #bargainbox! The farmer’s wife asked me to continue to cook up a storm and post recipe ideas along the way. And so, Dee’s Home Kitchen was born!