Why Attipas Shoes?

Did you know that our feet are one of the most sensory-rich parts of our body and that barefoot walking is essential for proprioceptive development? But, what is proprioceptive development you might ask? Well, proprioception is the sense that tells the body where it is in space. It relates to development of our posture, coordination and balance. Walking barefoot stimulates the proprioceptors, many of which are concentrated in the feet.

We all know that walking barefoot isn’t always possible for little ones, especially when we want to protect delicate little baby and toddler feet from external elements. Based on 7 years of research, Attipas are award winning, ergonomically designed shoes that allow for natural movement and development of the feet. As a mum, I want the best for my child’s all-round development. That is why Attipas is my shoe of choice.

I am so passionate about them and want to share them with you all. I decided to stock a huge range in my own little online shop. Find the perfect size for your precious bubba by following the Attipas Size Guide to help you chose the best fit. Then you can head to the shop section of my site to pick from plenty of awesome cute and adorable styles!

Attipas are awesome pre-walker and toddler shoes (0-4yrs approximately) because of the 5 key benefits, including:

  • Convenience: Washable and fast drying
  • Breathable: Fine holes release heat
  • Big toe box: Free toes movement to improve motor development
  • Safe: Non-slip sole made with non-hazardous m/toxic materials
  • Lightweight and flexible: Allows for full range of movement

Check out the Attipas size guide here.